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  Lew Poulin sold my house in a little over 2 weeks. He has a very good marketing plan that really

  works, and so does he. I was at all times kept up to date with what was going on concerning the 

  sale of my house. We had 4 offers in that time, that was very encouraging to see.

  Lew is a professional Realtor.                                   Al Chalmers  Victoria



  A fast note to express my appreciation of Mr. Lew Poulin. He was very prompt,

  professional and very efficient. I also enjoyed his sense of humor.

  He was a pleasure to work with.                  Laurel Simpson  Victoria 



Lew Poulin did an incredible job of selling our house in very difficult circumstances.

I had given up hope of it ever selling, after it was on the market for a year and listed with

3 other Realtors. Then one day Lew called asking to see my house. When he came over he

radiated confidence and said he was sure he could sell it fairly quickly. His plan sounded

good so I took a chance and Lew kept his word. In less than 60 days our house was sold.

He brought in an offer that was almost 10,000 more than an earlier offer that had fallen through.

He has been courteous and very helpful throughout the process and I strongly recommend him.

                                                                                     Joan Brown  Victoria 


  I am writing this letter today to inform you how very pleased we were with the service given

  to us by our Realtor, Lew Poulin. Without his very hard work and persistence we would

  probably not be in our townhouse today. Mr. Poulin sold our condominium quite quickly in a

  time when properties were not moving quickly at all. We very much appreciate Lew's

  creativeness, positivity, hard work and willingness to answer our calls quickly.

                                                                                     Ellaline Clarke  Victoria 



   I write this letter today to thank you for assisting us in the sale of our home. We had

   attempted to sell our home previously with other Realtors, who could not sell our home.

   We then tried to sell it ourselves and although we had a bunch of traffic through our home, we

   could not sell it either. Just when we were entertaining the unpleasent thought of renting it out

   Lew gave us a call. He asked to come over to discuss his marketing plan. We liked how quickly

   he was going to have our listing up on MLS and were quickly impressed by how he returned

   our phone calls in less than 5 minutes. We were most impressed by the fact that he sold our 

   house in less than 30 days for 35,000 more than other Realtors said we could get for our house.

                                                                                     Ken Inkman  Victoria   


   This is a letter of reference for Lew Poulin. I had my home listed with B.C. Homeseller's feeling

   sure I could sell it myself. I quickly realized it was harder than I first thought. After a few weeks

   the phone stopped ringing and the traffic stopped. Through this process I was approached by

   by more than a dozen Realtors who all suggested I list for a lower price than I wanted to.

   I tried to sell by myself for almost a year with no luck. Lew approached me asking to be my

   Realtor. He said he could sell my house in 60 days or less and get me as much as I was asking

   privately. I hired him to act as my Realtor and in less than 60 days my house was sold for 15,000

   more than I was asking privately. I have no hesitation recommending lew Poulin as a

   productive, results oriented Realtor.                     Joanne Stephenson  Victoria 


    When my husband and I were thinking of selling our home, we looked at a lot of Realtors.

    Through advertising we heard of Lew Poulin and sent him an email for him to contact us.

     He returned my call less than 5 minutes later. He was professional and down to earth, someone

     you could easily talk to. We decided to list with Lew. We listed on a Tuesday and we had 2

     showings on Thursday and accepted a full price offer on Friday. We were so happy. A week

     later the subjects were removed and our home was sold. We were very happy with the

     professionalism and eagerness that Lew displayed, I have since recommended him to a friend.

                                                                        Melissa & Bill Hodson   Victoria  


     We had been trying to sell our home privately for quite awhile, but it wasn't working, so we

     decided to list with a Realtor. We were approached by quite a few different Realtor's all who

     said we should list for 599,000 or less, except 1, Lew Poulin.

     Lew said we should list at 619,000 and accept 599,000. He said if we asked 599,000

     we would probably sell around 580,000. We listed with Lew and 37 days later he sold our house

     for 599,000 We feel we achieved a higher net figure with Lew than we would have with the

     other Realtors. We just want to say thank you for working for us, the seller, and for getting us

     more money in our pockets.                   Sandra & Bryan   Victoria 


     We had our house on the market with a Realtor for 75 days and no sale. We decided to sell it 

     ourselves and after 2 months of holding open houses we were getting discouraged. That is 

     when Lew Poulin approached us to sell our home. He said he could sell our home in 60 days or

     less and get us more than we would get selling privately. We agreed to list with Lew but were

     not really expecting any different results. 2 weeks after listing with Lew we had an accepted 

     offer and a week later the subjects were removed and the sale was final. We got more than we

     would have received selling privately. Thank you Lew, you know your stuff.

                                                                    Annette & Bob St. John   Victoria           


     We are very thankful that we chose Lew Poulin for our Realtor. He worked very hard for us and was knowledgeable in how to market our home. We pass his name on whenever we hear of someone who would like to sell. Don't hesitate to call Lew, you'll be happy you did.

Dick & Marilyn Van Domselaar  Mill Bay BC


  To whom it may concern:  

If you are buying or selling, Lew Poulin is by all means the most honest, professional Realtor we have had the pleasure of working with . We are in our sixties and have bought and sold 14 homes to date. Needless to say we have tried many Realtors in the past. We would sometimes wait hours for past Realtors to return calls or emails. Not Lew ! We have never waited more than 5 minutes, usually we are answered right away. Lew will always go the extra mike to ensure all your needs are met. We have bought and sold 4 homes with Lew, both homes we sold with Lew sold within 2 weeks. We cannot say enough about Lew's integrity, professionalism and determination in selling our homes from start to finish. To top all this off, he has a fantastic sense of humour.

Gloria & Randy Wallin

Victoria BC